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You do it Glossco

Thanks to all those who do Glossco every day. Today we share some of the jobs in which you tag us in our networks.

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Keragloss. Tratamiento intensivo de alisado. Antes y después.

Keragloss, the long-lasting hair straightening

Keragloss is the new straightening treatment that takes care of and protects the hair while leaving it smooth and silk.

What else can we ask for? It also nourishes, repairs, restores hair in depth and eliminates frizz!

Keragloss is a very practical kit very easy to use. The kit contains:

  • Purifying shampoo.
  • Smoothing treatment with keratin and amino acids.
  • Moisturising shampoo.
  • Restorative mask.

The application is very simple following the instructions contained in the box.

Hair is bright and smooth from the first application. It lasts up to 12 weeks. *

Keragloss is a respectful straightening treatment. It is completely free of formaldehyde and does not contain parabens in any of the component products of the kit.

* The result and duration of treatment may vary depending on the type of hair.

The star cut for curly hair

The curly manes have stolen our hearts. They make us crazy in all their versions, but the one that really has us in love is this:

This lob with bangs is the most cutting for curly hair, and it’s no wonder, as it fits well with any curl. The fringe certainly adds a special touch to the look of freshness. Also, you can air dry it: D Do you like it as much as we do?



If you want to shape your curls do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of your trusted hairdresser to enhance your curls with a cut in layers like these and remember to shape your curls with Waves and Curls and Waves an Curls plus.

Los 5 errores que dañan tu cabello en verano

El calor, la humedad, el sol, el salitre o el cloro de la piscina son los principales causantes de que nuestro pelo se debilite en verano. Para evitar una melena reseca y sin brillo, debemos redoblar las atenciones a nuestro cabello para que luzca fuerte, saludable y bonito.

Evita los 5 errores más comunes que cometemos en verano para que tu melena brille más que nunca.

1.Lava siempre tu cabello cuando salgas de la piscina o del mar. Dejar el cloro o la sal en el pelo mucho tiempo es uno de los errorres que más cometemos en verano. Si vas a quedarte mucho tiempo tomando el sol, utiliza las duchas que suele haber de agua dulce para eliminarlas de tu pelo.

2. Ni en verano, ni en invierno. Dormir con el pelo mojado no es una buena opción en ninguna época del año, ya que puede favorecer la aparición de hongos y de caspa en el cabello.

3. No desenredar el cabello de manera correcta, puede provocar la ruptura del cabello. Empieza siempre desde las puntas y poco a poco ve subiendo hacia las raíces. Intenta utilizar un peine de madera con dientes separados entre sí.

4.El pelo en verano se reseca mucho, por lo que utilizar una buena mascarilla es más que aconsejable. Al menos 2 veces a la semana. Si quieres proteger todavía más tu pelo, utilizalo cuando estes en la playa unos 20 minutos.

5. Igual que para la piel, también existe protección específica para proteger nuestro pelo del efecto de los rayos del sol. Recuerda aplicarlo antes, durante y después de tomar el sol.


Recomendación Glossco

Cuando vayas a la playa lleva contigo Sun Code, nuestro spray protector ligero con filtro solar y fórmula doble fase: protege de los rayos solares y después hidrata y nutre el cabello gracias a su contenido rico en proteínas, enzimas y a-hidroxiácidos. Protege la fibra capilar de los daños producidos por el sol creando un velo invisible en tu cabello.


The heat of the dryers and the irons, the effect of the dyes and discolourations on the hair can leave the hair without natural force. If your hair is in that situation, calm, your hair just needs a good dose of Perfect Repair.

Perfect Repair is the perfect tandem for damaged, porous or discoloured hair, a shampoo and a mask that will give your hair its healthiest appearance.


With Perfect Repair Shampoo you will get a nourished and revitalized hair from the root to the tips from the first application, thanks to Vitamin E. Its restructuring formula, with amino acids and proteins will make your hair recover its natural appearance. In addition, it contains argan oils that stimulate the scalp.

No rinse mask

A mask of yogurt and keratin, this is Perfect Repair, an instant repairing treatment that improves the structure of the capillary fiber from the first application. Brings shine, returns elasticity to the hair and nourishes it, while protecting it from UV rays.

Hair punished and lifeless? With Perfect Repair never again.



Healthy hair in summer

Welcome Summer!
Our favorite season of the year has arrived and we want to give you some tips for the summer so that your hair stays as beautiful as always.
The effect of the sun, pool chlorine, etc … can end up taking its toll on our hair, leaving it more brittle, dehydrating it and causing it to lose flexibility. In Glossco we want to tell you some keys so that your hair stays healthy even in summer.
UV protection
The effect of sun rays can break the tips and clarify the tone of our hair. In addition, it causes the hair to become more dehydrated and lose flexibility, making the hair more rough and brittle. If you want to protect your hair from the sun’s rays, with Sun Code, Glossco Professional’s light sunscreen spray, you can protect your hair from the sun’s rays. Applying uniformly before or during sun exposure, on dry or wet hair, you will get a hydrated and nourished hair. In addition, it protects the hair fiber from damage caused by the sun, creating an invisible veil on the hair.
Disentangle with care.
Chlorine from the pool, salt from the sea, wind, sand or moisture can cause our hair to get tangled more than usual. Always avoid brushing the hair with strong pulls. Always start at the tips and go up little by little to the roots, using a fine comb comb. Help yourself to a two-phase spray, it will be much easier for you.
With the heat, most of the time we prefer to dry our hair with a towel or directly to the air, and we stop using dryers and irons for occasional occasions.
  • Towel

If you are going to dry your hair with a towel, try not to rub hard, as you will cause your hair to become rougher. Always try to gently press with the towel and undo the hair by gentle compressions little by little.

  • Air drying

When you go to dry your hair on the beach or in the pool, never do it directly to the sun, always better under an umbrella. Since the drops that remain in the hair act as magnifying glasses that multiply the heat effect and the action of UV rays.

Reparative treatment

In these dates don’t forget to have a good mask that nourishes your hair. Avocado Mask is a intensive treatment with rinse nutritive mask with avocado oil. Avocado Oil, which is rich in vitamin E, has an outstanding anti-oxidising action and the ability to neutralise the negative effects of free radicals, leaving the hair looking healthy and alive.

Enjoy your summer!



Scandal Waves and Curls!

Curls and waves are the most in the season. Curls fever has infected covers, red carpets and social networks, filling it all with spectacular curly hair.

Now that summer is comming, we think that is the perfect moment to show off your curls. Do you want to know how to keep them always perfect?

Importance of cut

The most important factor

One of the most important factors to get more life to your curls is the cut. If your hair is not too curly, bet on the cuts to layers. With them you will get a hair with more volume and that facilitates the appearance and maintenance of the curls. In changes, if you have curly hair, use degradations to shape and play with the texture of the hair. The cut always has to provide you with an extra dose of mobility.

Find your best ally

Although the cut is essential, it is key that you use the appropriate products when defining the hairstyle. Do not complicate and bet on insurance. Waves & Curls by Glossco Professional, will leave your curls and waves defined, perfect for any occasion. Also, thanks to the synergistic blend of 5 vegetables oils with intense anti oxidant action. Thanks to the fixtech technology, brings flexible long-lasting hold with memory effect. no weigh your hair down. no rinse.


If you prefer to use a good mousse,  Curls Special Mousse that highlights curls with long-lasting finish. Controls and improves manageability of the hair and gives shine. Anti-frizz effect.


Permanent results

In the 80s and 90s they caused a furore and it seems they are back. If you want to achieve defined and lasting curls, a good permanent is the key. With Ondagloss you will get perfect curls! Remember that it is more difficult to make a permanent on very long hair, because of the weight of the hair.

Extra points

  • Keep your curls and waves hydrated. Choose shampoos and masks that do not dry out your hair like Perfect Repair.
  • Disentangle it just after washing it, while it is wet, with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Apply a non-rinsed mask, such as Perfect Repair Mask, from medium to sharp to prevent breakage.
  • Dry your hair with a towel. Then goes to dryer with diffuser at medium temperature / low speed and avoids the annoying frizz.


Crystal Repair

Crystal Repair is a new repairing serum for hair enriched with Andiroba oil.

Also called the “brazilian mahogany” the andiroba oil is extracted from the seeds found in its fruit. Its composition makes it a very precious and a rescue oil for damaged or dry hair.

It is an amazing hair treatment product.

Andiroba oil controls hair volume and improves curl definition.

Hydrates and strengthens hair and tips.

Improves definition and aids brushing

Lends extraordinary shine.

Anti-frizz action.

Try it! Results are visible from the first application.



It’s rare you decide to stay at home these days. If your travelling mind has planned an Easter break, remember to take care of your hair whatever your destiny may be.

Beach or mountain?

Whether you have decided to spend these days in some beach area, or you have opted for a getaway to the mountain, it is important that you include in the suitcase a repair product that incorporates protection from UV rays.

The effect of the sun affects strongly in both cases and can dry your hair. To avoid this, get a protective spray, such as Sun Code, protects the hair fibre from damage caused by the sun creating an invisible veil in your hair. In addition, thanks to its content rich in proteins, enzymes and a-hydroxy acids, it hydrates the hair and combats the dryness and porosity caused by the sun.

You can use it all year long since it facilitates combing, it is oil-free, leaves no residue and has a delicious tropical perfume.

Don’t forget to put in the suitcase the shampoo that best suits your hair and the styling products you use regularly.

Happy Holidays!

Trendy colors: Platinum

The platinum tones are here to stay.

These suggestive colors have entered strongly into beauty salons around the world, conquering more and more women every day.

If you are thinking about a change of look, the new permanent coloration collection of Glossco is for you, let yourself be convinced by the series of new platinum colors that will make you fall in love.

These blondes are the most seen in social networks.

Ice, cobalt:
They are the most daring blondes. Actresses, models, and singers from all over the world have surrendered at their feet. They are almost white blondes with which to achieve a very sophisticated look. The result is perfect and your hair is not damaged. Ask your hair stylist and look like a star.

Peach, Rosé:
These blondes are top in social networks. For a sweet and smooth result, the rosé is your color: a blond mixed with pink shades with which you will get an exquisite look. Or you can bet for the peach, which binds blondes, roses, and oranges. Why choose only one color if you can have the perfect combination?

With grey highlights, it is one of the darkest blondes in the platinum tones of our color range. It is a perfect coloration to disguise the first grey hair, very easy to wear and with a very natural finish.

Radiant color for longer

In order to retain the color shine and neutralize the yellow highlights, we suggest using treatments for blonde hair.
In the case of blonde ice, use shampoos for white hair, such as Glossco’s White and Silver. Also with Maticolor you will delete the yellow tone of the discolored hair, turning them into gray tones, silver reflections, and pearly or violet colors.
For other colors, you can use Protective Color shampoo.

Follow your hairdresser directions to get blond hair with more shine for longer.