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Glossco training

We never stop! We keep on moving forward new training courses.

This time, we moved to Valladolid, in a workshop conducted by the hair technician Victoria Paños.

The attendees to the course could know all about the new Glossco coloration collection. The participants did color work with the 24 new tones.

On the other hand, training consisted on the new yellow hair neutralizer product, Maticolor, a hair toner that offers amazing and instant results. In a few minutes and in a single service this emulsion takes yellow out of hair that has been bleached, treated with chemicals, or due to natural oxidation and transforms it into gray, silver, pearl, or violet tones.


New Glossco color collection

The colors you were looking for are already here. Glossco presents a new color collection with 24 new shades of the maximum trend.

World dream colors for stepping to the ground.

When you discover the new super lighteners, new blondes, and browns, you will not know why to decide.

Nature, Nude and Irisé

Nature: blondes give an extra-soft ash shade. They lighten perfectly the hair giving to it a very natural beige tone.

Nude: blondes are especially luminous. The result is a soft shade that reminds sand tones.

Irisé: blondes Natural blondes with a very aesthetic iridescent tint that gives to the hair a touch of brown in light blondes.

Platinum Superlighteners 

Real, suggestive, enveloping platinum… World dream colors ranging from platinum champagne through ice, rosé, and camel to platinum peach.

New Browns: warm/cold

New browns colors: on one hand, more neutrals browns with a shade of copper and on the other hand, browns with a shade of iridescent and a warm copper tone on a second plane.

Difficult to opt for one? Discover the entire Glossco color collection and let yourself be advised by your hairdresser-stylist to wear the trendiest colors.

Autumm color guide

Nordic, bronde, warm brown, copper… With or without highlights all versions. They are the autumn hair trend colors. You can bet for a change or enhance your own color. Your hairdresser knows. Otherwise, the Glossco team gives the keys:


Nordic and polar: platinum, extra lights, grey… They still are trendy colors. They are good options if you prefer a change with a winter touch.

Warm browns: delicious candy, walnut, Moka, chocolate… You can combine them with a balayage in order to give to the hair a texture and movement sensation.

Bronde: Dark base with light reflects work with the technique “bronde”: blond and browns.

Copper colors: Blond copper extra-light, orange, brown and red, light brown with copper reflects…


Don’t forget that highlights can bring the hair to life. Baby lights, thin highlights, sun touches in Autumn.

Color with no limits.



Glossco Professional has designed cosmetics based on special formulations with effective active ingredients Man Therapy was born with the purpose of adapting to a man with a new lifestyle. The one that bets by a greater care of its hair and looks for specific solutions to concrete problems in line with the different canons of present beauty. Based on the different masculine styles, care, and needs,

The one that bets by a greater care of its hair and looks for specific solutions to concrete problems in line with the different canons of present beauty. Based on the different masculine styles, care and needs, Glossco Professional creates this line of hair care with three indispensable basic products:

  • Fortifying and purifying shampoo: with antioxidant action, the shampoo includes components that tone and revitalize the scalp. This product provides a feeling of menthol freshness and comfort.
  • Anti-hair loss lotion: its formula contains baicalin and arginine that protect against oxidative stress, stimulate cellular activity and increase capillary growth. Combats cellular senescence and hair loss.
  • Anti-dandruff lotion: balances and calms the scalp and itches. This lotion stops and controls the onset of dandruff. In addition, it contains Piroctone Olamine, active antidandruff and antiseborrheic, and a vitamin B complex regulating the cellular desquamation of the epidermis.


Discover the new Glossco Professional Collection.
Color Me, Treat Me & Style me is the new collection of Glossco Professional. Fun, cool, casual and versatile … Because being beautiful inside and looking beautiful outside makes us happier.

Smoothie Biphasic: Conditions, detangle and treats hair!

SMOOTHIE BIPHASIC  hydrates, conditions and makes the comb easier. At the same time treats hair deeply. Its formula based on a vegetable protein complex: oats, waze, soy and wheat gives to hair moisturizing, nutritive and biostimulating properties.  It leaves no residue.

More info

the matt and the fibrous gum

Glossco increases its styling range products for hair:

the matt

Moulding matt wax ideal for setting the hair and creating shapes. With one simple precise application, The Matt gives long holding results with a matte effect. Especially for short and medium length hair. Enriched with mineral salts and ginseng extract. Moisturises and nourishes hair.

the fibrous gum

Fibrous wax that gives volume and texture to the hair. It gives the hair unlimited structure for a bizarre ruffled look. With polymer that stretches and extends. These characteristics allow the product to flow continuously. Matt finish. No leaves residues. Ideal for short and medium length hair. Separates and gives texture to the hair.

An extra fix for your waves and curls

Waves&curls plus defines, hidrates and boosts curly or wavy hair. Brings moisture and shine giving you perfect curls thanks to the synergistic blend of 5 vegetable oils with intense anti-oxidant action. Frizz-free curls. Flexible strong long-lasting hold. With heat protection. No need to rinse. Fix 4.

Fix your waves and curls with Waves&Curls Plus and keep it defined and intact for long time.