PERFECT REPAIR - Glossco Professional
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The heat of the dryers and the irons, the effect of the dyes and discolourations on the hair can leave the hair without natural force. If your hair is in that situation, calm, your hair just needs a good dose of Perfect Repair.

Perfect Repair is the perfect tandem for damaged, porous or discoloured hair, a shampoo and a mask that will give your hair its healthiest appearance.


With Perfect Repair Shampoo you will get a nourished and revitalized hair from the root to the tips from the first application, thanks to Vitamin E. Its restructuring formula, with amino acids and proteins will make your hair recover its natural appearance. In addition, it contains argan oils that stimulate the scalp.

No rinse mask

A mask of yogurt and keratin, this is Perfect Repair, an instant repairing treatment that improves the structure of the capillary fiber from the first application. Brings shine, returns elasticity to the hair and nourishes it, while protecting it from UV rays.

Hair punished and lifeless? With Perfect Repair never again.