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Scandal Waves and Curls!

Curls and waves are the most in the season. Curls fever has infected covers, red carpets and social networks, filling it all with spectacular curly hair.

Now that summer is comming, we think that is the perfect moment to show off your curls. Do you want to know how to keep them always perfect?

Importance of cut

The most important factor

One of the most important factors to get more life to your curls is the cut. If your hair is not too curly, bet on the cuts to layers. With them you will get a hair with more volume and that facilitates the appearance and maintenance of the curls. In changes, if you have curly hair, use degradations to shape and play with the texture of the hair. The cut always has to provide you with an extra dose of mobility.

Find your best ally

Although the cut is essential, it is key that you use the appropriate products when defining the hairstyle. Do not complicate and bet on insurance. Waves & Curls by Glossco Professional, will leave your curls and waves defined, perfect for any occasion. Also, thanks to the synergistic blend of 5 vegetables oils with intense anti oxidant action. Thanks to the fixtech technology, brings flexible long-lasting hold with memory effect. no weigh your hair down. no rinse.


If you prefer to use a good mousse,  Curls Special Mousse that highlights curls with long-lasting finish. Controls and improves manageability of the hair and gives shine. Anti-frizz effect.


Permanent results

In the 80s and 90s they caused a furore and it seems they are back. If you want to achieve defined and lasting curls, a good permanent is the key. With Ondagloss you will get perfect curls! Remember that it is more difficult to make a permanent on very long hair, because of the weight of the hair.

Extra points

  • Keep your curls and waves hydrated. Choose shampoos and masks that do not dry out your hair like Perfect Repair.
  • Disentangle it just after washing it, while it is wet, with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Apply a non-rinsed mask, such as Perfect Repair Mask, from medium to sharp to prevent breakage.
  • Dry your hair with a towel. Then goes to dryer with diffuser at medium temperature / low speed and avoids the annoying frizz.