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Trendy colors: Platinum

The platinum tones are here to stay.

These suggestive colors have entered strongly into beauty salons around the world, conquering more and more women every day.

If you are thinking about a change of look, the new permanent coloration collection of Glossco is for you, let yourself be convinced by the series of new platinum colors that will make you fall in love.

These blondes are the most seen in social networks.

Ice, cobalt:
They are the most daring blondes. Actresses, models, and singers from all over the world have surrendered at their feet. They are almost white blondes with which to achieve a very sophisticated look. The result is perfect and your hair is not damaged. Ask your hair stylist and look like a star.

Peach, Rosé:
These blondes are top in social networks. For a sweet and smooth result, the rosé is your color: a blond mixed with pink shades with which you will get an exquisite look. Or you can bet for the peach, which binds blondes, roses, and oranges. Why choose only one color if you can have the perfect combination?

With grey highlights, it is one of the darkest blondes in the platinum tones of our color range. It is a perfect coloration to disguise the first grey hair, very easy to wear and with a very natural finish.

Radiant color for longer

In order to retain the color shine and neutralize the yellow highlights, we suggest using treatments for blonde hair.
In the case of blonde ice, use shampoos for white hair, such as Glossco’s White and Silver. Also with Maticolor you will delete the yellow tone of the discolored hair, turning them into gray tones, silver reflections, and pearly or violet colors.
For other colors, you can use Protective Color shampoo.

Follow your hairdresser directions to get blond hair with more shine for longer.