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About us


Let introduce us

Glossco Professional.

We’re more than a professional hair cosmetics brand. We’re a team dedicated to providing products that inspire, offer solutions and meet the needs of hairdressing professionals.

We believe in what we do. We’re a living brand formed of cosmetic researchers, creative stylists at the cutting-edge of sector trends and professionals dedicated to achieving innovative, quality products thanks to the care we put into developing our formulas.

Close up

At Glossco we believe that respect, honesty and closeness are key inside and outside the company. That’s why we’re always working to have a positive impact on our communities of suppliers, customers and employees, as well as the rest of society.

We’re committed to the environment, always supporting small and medium-sized companies and local suppliers, which allows us to reduce emissions and contribute to the economic growth of the area. We also collaborate with job centers and associations on different projects.


All design, manufacturing, packaging, quality-control, marketing and distribution processes are carried out at our plant in Valencia (Spain), always in line with the highest process, quality and good manufacturing practice standards.

So far

Our goal is to keep growing in Spain and abroad. In just 10 years we have successfully gained presence in over 15 countries, and we continue expanding horizons, opening new markets and reacting to the needs of hairdressing professionals around the world.

Growing responsibly

We continue working to improve all our processes so that they gradually become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. To do so, we have implemented a range of actions to save energy consumption and manage resources efficiently. Likewise, we’re also gradually changing our packaging to use more sustainable alternatives.

Zero Hunger

Causes that add up

business partner

At Glossco Professional we have wanted to collaborate with the La Caixa Foundation and its project together with the Food Banks. With our little collaboration we have been able to feed 7 families for a month and a half.