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Namony, ammonium-free cream color


Enriched with Bamboo and Inca Oil that maximizes the effect of its colorants to provide full colour perfomance, ensuring easy penetration of the cortex.

Ammonia free. No itch, no smell.


Namony ammonium-free cream color provides extra softness, caring for and treating the hair during the coloring process. 40 shades developed with Tricomega Tech technology, which includes Omega 3,6 and 9 proteins to nourish and hydrate the hair fiber, enhancing hair flexibility and providing extra softness. The results are brighter, more intense colors, and healthy hair, hydrated for up to 6 weeks.


Mix 100 ml of Coloración Namony with 150ml of Oxigloss in a non-metallic container. apply with a brush on dry, unwashed hair. use the desired technique with a maximum exposure time of 35 minutes.


Tube 100 ml