ONDAGLOSS 1 - Glossco Professional
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Long-lasting perm natural hair.


1.Choosing the lotion: Analyse the hair type and its condition to determine the most suitable type of reduction liquid. In case of doubt, choose the mildest reduction liquid.

2. Preparation: Wash with shampoo … and dry with a towel to remove excess wetness. Select the right size of curlers needed to create the desired curl and wave.

3. Applying the perm liquid: Use disposable gloves. Put in the curlers: do not pull too much when rolling. Pour the reduction liquid into a non-metallic bowl and apply over the curlers. To ensure even saturation impregnate all the curlers thoroughly. Use at least 80ml over the whole of the hair.

4. Exposure time: Fit the cap to cover the hair completely. Do not use heat. Abide by the exposure times, as follows:Strength 1 = 15 minutes. Strength 2 and 3 = 10 minutes.

5. Fixing: Rinse the reduction liquid out thoroughly and remove excess water. Apply at least 100ml over the curlers. Leave to work for 10 minutes and unroll the curlers one by one. Gently massage the hair from root to tips. Rinse out thoroughly for at least 5 minutes.


Bottle 80 ml