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Hello, sun enthusiasts! While summer hasn’t officially arrived yet, the sun’s rays are already becoming more intense, and your hair can feel it. As we look forward to future beach and pool days, let’s keep in mind that just like our skin, our hair requires preventive care to stay healthy and radiant.

Why does summer harm your hair?

The sun emits UV rays that can be as damaging to your hair as they are to your skin, leading to dryness, color loss, and weakened hair shafts. In addition, sea salt draws moisture out of the hair, leaving it dehydrated and fragile, while pool chlorine can alter the hair’s natural structure, reducing its shine and even changing its color.

Glossco’s Solution: SUN CODE PACK

To counteract these effects and protect yourself from summer damage from the outset, Glossco offers the SUN CODE PACK. Discover how each product in the pack protects your hair:

  • Sun Code Hair and Body Shampoo: This shampoo is formulated to cleanse and protect both your hair and skin from sun damage. Ideal for regular use in summer, this shampoo preserves the integrity of your hair by limiting salt absorption and mitigating the adverse effects of chlorine.
  • Sun Code Leave in Conditioner: Apply this leave-in conditioner before sun exposure to shield your hair from UVB rays. Its active ingredients work to nourish and fortify the hair fiber, guarding it against damage from salt and chlorine.
  • Sun Code Protective Hair Spray: An essential addition to your beach bag, this two-phase spray not only protects but also nourishes your hair with papaya and coconut extracts, leaving it manageable and radiant even after prolonged sun exposure.

Special Gift: HYDRA XTREM

Every SUN CODE PACK purchase includes a complimentary HYDRA XTREM treatment, ideal for repairing and rejuvenating your hair post-sun exposure.

Act Now, Don’t Wait for Summer

Don’t delay in considering your hair’s care until summer arrives. With the SUN CODE PACK, you’ll be ready to embrace and enjoy the sun without compromising the health of your hair. Supplies are limited, so secure yours now and revel in a summer filled with care and beauty!
See you in the sunshine!

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