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dejarse el pelo largo

I have been trying to grow my hair long for 5 years, but this time, it will be the final one.
I had long hair, quite, quite long, and in a fit I cut it quite, quite short. They say that when a woman cuts her hair it is because she wants to make a change in her life, but nobody says anything about when you have tired of having it short, and you want to go back to long. I’m telling you, it’s a horror, trying to grow my hair long, but this time, it’s going to be the final one.
Hooks, hair gel, hairspray, patience, more hooks, scrunchies, a few more hooks and that is nowhere to be found. Nothing, I’ll cut it again.
And up to here our torture.
1. First and foremost, always take care of your hair, regardless of whether it is long or short, it must be healthy. This means that it must be hydrated and nourished to keep it strong. You can use Vit Active shampoo, which, although it is especially indicated to combat hair loss, thanks to its vitamins and active ingredients, will help you stimulate growth and give hair strength and vitality.
2. It is essential that you cut it with a certain frequency. That of letting it grow until you reach the length that you aspire without going through the hair is a death sentence. Shaping your hair will help you to keep it healthy and look your best in the process. In addition, you will notice that your hair grows faster. This is why you must be clear about what style you want to achieve, although do not be afraid to experiment during the process, perhaps, some style that you did not expect, pleasantly surprises you.
3. Help yourself with styling products, they will be your greatest ally in your day-to-day life. There will be days when you will think that the best option is to cut to zero, but do not despair, there are a thousand options and they are all valid. Try a wet effect, or bring out your waves or curls with the help of foams. Now is the perfect time to get started with the curly method! Imagine what you imagine, with Glossco you can do it.
4. Protect your hair. Avoid heat tools and use products that protect you from external agents such as the sun. Our range of Sun Code products will be your perfect ally, especially now with the change of season in which the sun begins to shine more strongly.
5. Patience, holy patience. Hair takes time to grow, so while you achieve your goal, take advantage of other parts of your body that you also like. Pamper yourself, take care of yourself and enjoy the process.

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