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Glossco is the permanent cream color designed by the best colorists and laboratory technicians, which offers the professional hairdresser incredible results in their work in the salon.
The color is made up of 108 shades that offer 100% coverage of white hair. The Glossco dye colors and treats the hair fiber, thanks to its micropigments and the material contribution of nourishing lipids to the hair cuticle. It incorporates exclusive ingredients of high cosmetic value in its formula: Açaí Berry, Argan oil, grapeseed, olive and rosehip oil, as well as a hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
108 colors on the chart classified in: natural, intense natural, ash, warm brown, cold brown, gold, copper, beige, blonde, platinum, mahogany, reddish, violins and shades.
Get greater color intensity, bright and vivid colors, bright and with professional results.

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Total gray coverage.
Greater color intensity; bright, vibrant colors.
Intense shine and long-lasting results.
Colors and treats the hair.
Its cream base with an optimized texture ensures easy application to the hair.


Application 1+1.5 Evenly mix 100ml of Glossco Professional cream color with 150ml of Oxigloss oxidizing cream (10, 20, 30 or 40 volume) in a non-metallic bowl. Apply over dry, unwashed hair, according to the desired technique. Maximum exposure time: 35 minutes. After the exposure time, carefully emulsify with a little water and rinse the hair well.
First application (uncolored hair) Start by applying to the lengths and tips and leave on for 15 minutes. Then, apply to the roots and leave on for 30 minutes. Total exposure time: 45 minutes. Carefully emulsify with a little water and rinse the hair well. Subsequent applications Start by applying to the roots and leave on for 25 minutes. Then, spread through the lengths and tips and leave on for 10 minutes. Total exposure time: 35 minutes. Carefully emulsify with a little water and rinse the hair well.
Application of Platinum Blond shades 1+2 For shades from the Platinum Blond collection, evenly mix 100ml of Glossco Pro cream color with 200ml of Oxigloss in a non-metallic bowl. Total exposure time: 45 minutes (40 minutes on roots and 5 minutes on mid-lengths and ends). These colors lighten between 4-5 shades from a natural 5 or 6 base.

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Check out our chart analysis to learn more about Glossco permanent hair color.


Acai berry
Original from Brazil and grown in the Amazon. Energizing properties are attributed to it and its function of protection and prolongation of the duration of the color stands out. Hair coloring is sensitive to external aggressions that generate free radicals and that result in dull hair. However, the antioxidant properties of açaí berry neutralize free radicals and the hair maintains its natural shine, with a long-lasting color effect.
Argan oil
Rich in vitamin E, it hydrates and softens the hair during the coloring process.
Plant complexes
The vegetable complexes and noble oils have been added a liquid wax that increases the penetration capacity of the product and enhances its cosmetic quality. Olive oil provides hair with emollient, lubricating and protective qualities. Grape seed oil prevents hair aging and rosehip oil promotes regeneration.


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Tube 100 ml 3,38 Fl. Oz.

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