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It is clear that when shampoos and other hair products are created in laboratories, they are not thinking about a specific sex, but about how the shampoo works.
But, it is also a reality that men’s hair care has different needs than women.
While women tend to worry about having healthy hair, with shine, volume, and a beautiful color, men are more likely to think about hair loss and dandruff.
Regarding hair loss, it is usually caused either by genetics or by stress. Treating it on time is essential, since, although alopecia in men is something that is quite normalized, it can be avoided, or at least alleviated.
That is why at Glossco we have created a special line for you that meets these needs. Man Therapy has a shampoo, an anti-hair loss lotion and an anti-dandruff lotion.
Man Therapy shampoo stimulates, revitalizes and tones the scalp. It is enriched with active ingredients of botanical origin that contain proteins, minerals and lipids for strong and healthy hair. In addition to leaving you a refreshing sensation thanks to the menthol.

The anti-hair loss lotion is specially formulated to combat hair loss, especially in periods of seasonal change when the scalp is more sensitive and needs special care.
The anti-dandruff lotion stops and controls the appearance of dandruff. Balances the scalp and soothes itching. With vitamin B complex, it regulates cell keratization.
Easy and effective products with which you will notice the difference from the first day.

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