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Does frizz take you upside down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, it happens to many of us around here … But Keep Calm, at Glossco we think of everything and want to tell you how to put an end to this little problem.
Why is the hair frizzy?
Frizz appears in hair when it is lacking in moisture. Normally dry, damaged and weakened hair are the ones that suffer the most from frizz, since they need the most hydration. In addition, the climate plays a fundamental role … especially in the most humid. But genetics, the chemical processes that we subject our hair to, or an excessive use of irons and dryers also end up taking their toll and leaving the hair looking undesirable.
How to keep hair frizz-free?
There are some tricks to keep frizz under control, and have a much healthier hair.
– Extra dose of hydration
As we have been saying, so that the hair appears as healthy as possible and that frizz does not make an appearance, hydration is a key factor. If your hair is very dry, very porous or very damaged, add a dose of extra hydration with Hydra Xtrem. Its formula contains keratin and hyaluronic acid, capable of restoring and repairing the hair fiber of the most weakened hair. In addition, it provides exceptional shine and softness.
– Do not over wash your hair
There is a common misconception that the more we wash the hair, the more hydrated it is, and just the opposite can happen, and end up eliminating in excess the natural oils that our hair produces, responsible for making it look healthier.
– Warm water, your great ally
This is worth as much as if your hair tends to frizz, or not. One of the ways to take care of your hair is to wash it with warm water instead of hot water, since hot water can end up drying it out and … FRIZZ.
– A final goodbye
If you are one of those who prefers to give a final goodbye to frizz, you can opt for treatments such as Keragloss, which relax the curl and keep the frizz at bay.
– Irons and dryers always with protection.
Abusing the use of irons and dryers, and especially at very high temperatures will not lead to anything good. Anyway, whenever you use them, try to use products with a thermal protector. Minimize damage, minimize frizz.

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