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One of the guidelines recommended by the Curly Girl Method is to carry out once a month or every fifteen days, depending on the condition of your hair, a complete wash that includes a sulfate shampoo and a deep hydration treatment.
Why use a sulfate shampoo?
Although we always tell you that it is best to avoid the use of shampoos with sulfates or strong surfactants, because they can drag the natural oils generated by the hair, it is also true that they will be a key ally during your deep hydration routine.
Sulfates will be necessary to remove excess oil that may remain on the hair and eliminate all kinds of impurities.
Our recommendation is that you use Waves & Curls shampoo, the shampoo with jojoba oil, designed by Glossco Professional for curly and wavy hair with sulphates, but which maintains and respects hydration to the maximum.
The mask needs its time
To carry out the process correctly you need a little time, so do not hesitate to take some time for yourself and your hair. On wet hair, apply Curl Therapy Mask from roots to ends. After this, use the scrunh technique and wrap the hair in osmotic paper for 20 minutes while applying heat.
After 20 minutes, rinse the hair with plenty of water. Keep in mind that if you have very fine hair 20 minutes may be an excessive time, it is better that you only be with the product for 10 minutes.
The care does not end in the shower
Once we have managed to give our hair extra hydration, we have to give it the final touch. If you follow our steps you will get some curls of heart attack.
Apply Curl Therapy Gel from roots to ends and comb with a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product well throughout the hair. Once this is done, use the scruch technique.
You can use a microfiber towel to remove excess water using the scrunch technique.
Dry and win
The final moment has arrived, how you use the drying will define the result you get.
For everything to go well, you should dry your hair upside down at medium or low temperature and at medium speed. Fold the curl with the diffuser itself. Avoid handling the hair at all times.
When you have it a bit dry, apply the Curl Therapy Spray at about 20 cm. This will finish spicing up your curls.
Once you have it completely dry, apply a few drops of Curl Therapy Oil in the palm of your hands to warm it up and then use the scrunch technique on the hair to seal in the hydration and break the cast.
And there you are. Amazing hair right?

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