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Maintaining strong and healthy hair after bleaching is not always an easy task. After the lightening process, hair tends to be drier and more porous, leaving an undesirable appearance.
Today we share with you some cares and tricks so that, despite the discoloration, it remains healthy and strong.
At Glossco Professional we are always going to recommend that you take the advice of a hairdressing professional, but in the case of discoloration it is even more important that you have good hands. Even if you are tempted to do it at home … you will end up going to the hairdresser, but asking for a ransom!
Choosing the discoloration is going to be essential. Currently there are discolorations that protect the hair and prevent the hair from ending up spoiling during the process. From the Glossco team we recommend that you use a discoloration with Plex, such as DecoPlex, which has a double protective and anti-breakage action. Its exclusive Plex formula, with a high concentration of polyamines and conditioning agents, protects the union of the hair fibers during the entire lightening process, achieving excellent results with optimal care and respect for the hair. After the bleaching service, the hair is healthier, smoother and shinier than with a regular powder bleaching.
The most common is that after coloring the hair is tinted to achieve the desired color: platinum, iridescent or nude blondes in full trend or fantasy colors. The combinations are very wide, but remember to always bet with colors that respect and take care of your hair. If you opt for a dye, the Glossco Professional coloring contains 5 oils in its formula that provide the hair with nutrients, which care for and protect the hair throughout the coloring process, in addition to achieving extraordinary color and shine.
If instead you prefer a fantasy tone, we recommend that you play and create your color with the Color Beat line. A cream coloring that provides a total nourishing treatment for the hair, while providing extraordinary shine and softness. Pink, red, yellow, green … the possibilities are endless and without damaging your hair.
After bleaching it is very important to intensify hair care, especially if we want to maintain the color as the first day. To do this, start by choosing a shampoo that nourishes and hydrates your hair, to help the coloring pigment remain intact for longer. If you have opted for extra-light and white blondes, keep in mind that the action of external agents, such as pollution, and the porosity of your hair, can cause the hair to tend to yellow or more orangey colors. To do this, use shampoos that act against these unwanted colors, such as White and Silver Shampoo, its purple pigment, neutralizes yellowish tones and gives them silver reflections, in addition, it contains vitamin B5, which helps to hydrate and protect hair.
Remember that you can also use Color Beat’s No yellow and No orange masks once a week or every 15 days to rectify these tones.
At Glossco Professional we have an obsession: taking care of your hair from start to finish. Therefore, we propose Hair on Top to give that final touch to your looks. Our potion cream is formulated with collagen and plant-based proteins, which provide body, thickness and flexibility to the hair. The hair is resistant to brushing and stronger against external aggressions and the use of irons or dryers.
So far our tips for you to wear a dreamy mane. Remember that putting yourself in good hands is essential so that your hair is always radiant.

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