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cuidados del cabello en verano

After spending the whole year taking care of the hair, keeping it healthy and shiny, summer comes and wreaks havoc. Dry, dull, frizzy hair and let’s not talk about color … But don’t worry because we bring you the solution to keep it perfect.
First, you must assume that your hair, like your skin, needs protection. External agents such as the sun, saltpeter or chlorine are the main causes that the health of your hair worsens in summer. So don’t put it off for tomorrow and start taking action now.
Although you know that we are not very fans of hats, caps and others because they hide those manes that we love so much, but in this case it is not a bad idea. Pamelas, hats, fishing caps (which are now in fashion) or if you want to be more delicate with your hair, a scarf. Any of these accessories can become your best ally.
Change your laundry routine
It is great that you use products specially created for your hair, but remember that in summer, the most important thing is to keep your hair hydrated and protected from the sun, salt and chlorine. You can combine your usual shampoo with a mask that deeply hydrates and nourishes your hair and, in addition, finish with a few drops of oil to seal in this hydration. Remember that a sulfate shampoo will be great to wash away excess residue accumulated in the hair, essential on days at the pool and beach.
For beach days, take out all the weapons. Do not be overwhelmed, we do not mean that you put 300 products in your hair, but the best. The Sun Code product line is perfect for these occasions.
Detangles. It will be key so that your hair does not end up full of knots. A good biphasic will be key.
Sun Code
The line consists of a shampoo, a leave in and a spray. They are formulated with papaya and coconut extract, highly hydrating agents that will make a difference to your hair.
Sun Code protects the skin and hair from the effects caused by sun exposure, chlorine and salt, nourishing it and restoring its elasticity and natural shine.
The line is perfect to take it wherever you want. And the smell … we can’t explain that smell to you in writing. Sorry, you’re going to have to give it a try, but we promise you won’t regret it.
Finally, remember that if you have dyed or bleached hair, you should be especially careful. In our treatment line you are sure to find the perfect shampoo that meets your needs.

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