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vocabulario método curly

As you know, the Curly Girl Method has been a revolution for curly hair care.
From Glossco Professional we have long joined this revolution with our Curl Therapy line, totally suitable for followers of the method.
During the development of our line, we listened and investigated what the needs of curly hair really are and what works for it to achieve its healthiest appearance. And throughout that process, we soak up the culture that surrounds the Curly Girl Method. The followers of the method have managed to create a somewhat technical vocabulary that today we are trying to explain to you so that you do not miss anything.
It is the action of washing the hair with a conditioner. These conditioners can incorporate very mild cleansing ingredients. In the case of using a normal conditioner, it would not be “washing”, it would only be conditioning.
Make the curl define well and not look “tousled”, frizzy or loose. Different tools are used such as brushes (Demman type) or with the help of the fingers.
The amount of hair that grows out of a portion of the scalp. The more hair grows in that portion, the higher the density of hair.
The ability of hair to stretch and return to its natural texture.
They are the INCI ingredients that are responsible for conditioning, softening and nourishing the hair.
The diameter or gauge of the hair strand.
Low Poo
The action of washing hair with a creamy co-wash shampoo with little or no lather. It is also the name of the products that are used to make it.
The ability of hair to retain moisture due to the greater or lesser opening of the cuticle.
Pre Poo
Any treatment or mask that is done before shampooing or co-washing hair.
Squeeze the hair with your hands in an upward direction to form waves and curls.
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